Update Letter Medical School Guide, Examples and Templates

Mar 8, 2022

In this update letter medical school guide, we show you how to write a great letter that can get you off the waitlist and into the entering medical school class.

How to write an update letter for medical school admissions committees

So you’ve been waitlisted by your top medical school pick. Now what? The first step is to write an update letter, or letter of interest, to the medical school admissions committee. This letter should summarize any new developments in your application, such as new grades or experiences you’ve had since your interview. It’s also a good opportunity to reiterate your interest in the school and explain why you still believe you’d be a great fit for the program.

Be sure to address any concerns the admissions committee may have about your application. If you can, provide specific examples of why you’re a strong candidate. Finally, express your gratitude for being given the opportunity to attend an interview and reaffirm your commitment to becoming a doctor.

The update letter should be concise and well-written. Be sure to proofread it carefully before sending it off.

Here are a few tips for writing an effective update letter:

  • Be concise and to the point. You want to give the admissions committee a quick overview of what you’ve accomplished since your interview.
  • Keep it positive. focus on the positives, such as new grades, experiences or other accomplishments you’ve had that support your application.
  • Explain why you’re still interested in the school. Does the medical school have a program you are particularly interested in? Or a research lab you’d like to work in? If so, mention that in your update letter.
  • Make sure your update letter is well written and error-free. Have a professional review it for grammar and spelling mistakes.

Now that we’ve covered all the points you should hit in your medical school update letter, let’s look at some templates and examples.

Update letter medical school template 

Dear Admissions Committee: 

Interviewing at __(insert school name)__ has been the highlight of my medical school admissions cycle. I am honored to have made it this far in the admissions process, as __(insert school name)__ is my top choice medical school.

In this update letter, I would like to bring you up to date on my current work and achievements. Furthermore, I would like to explain why I strongly feel that I am a good fit for your institution.

(insert updates, achievements, and/or recent work since your interview).

My personal mission, which directs my career focus, is to __(insert something)__. I believe this truly aligns with __(insert school’s name)___’s mission to ___(insert school’s mission statement). With aligning goals, I believe we can reach new frontiers in medicine together.

I truly thank you for considering my application for the incoming medical school class. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 


(insert name)
(insert phone number)
(insert email address)

Update letter medical school example 1

Here is a sample update letter addressed to a medical school admissions committee. 

Dear Admissions Committee: 

Thank you for generously granting me a spot on your medical school waitlist. I have respected University X as a medical leader since I entered my premedical studies. Therefore, I feel truly honored to be recognized as a potential candidate for the entering medical school class. 

In this letter, I would like to update you on my recent work in the medical field and I would like to explain why I believe we are a good fit for each other. 

Since interviewing at University X, I have accumulated 120 additional hours of clinical experience through my scribe position at Hospital X. Working alongside doctors and assisting in patient care has reaffirmed my dedication to a lifelong career in medicine and service. I also have more familiarity with the day-to-day tasks of a doctor, which gives me a greater understanding of the scope of work. 

In addition to scribing, I have also been volunteering in a research clinic at Lab X, where we study pain receptors. Although I mostly do clerical work in the lab, the knowledge I’ve gained of the scientific process has been invaluable. As a potential medical student at University X, I plan to continue seeking research opportunities in pain management and work towards my goal of contributing to pain relief in the patient population. 

My personal mission, which drives my career focus, is to alleviate suffering in achievable capacities. I truly believe this aligns with University X’s mission to provide healthcare for all. With aligning goals, I believe we can reach new frontiers in medicine together and make a positive difference in the world. 

Update letter medical school example 2

Dear Admissions Committee: 

Thank you for selecting me as a potential candidate for the incoming medical school class. Attending University X for osteopathic medical education has been a dream of mine since I entered the field of medicine. Therefore, being waitlisted at your institution is truly an honor. 

Since my interview at University X, I received my first author credits in a research paper published in Journal X. Seeing this research through completion has been an invaluable asset to my understanding of the scientific process. As I seek a career in academic medicine, I hope to hone my research skills at University X with Professor X and Professor X, who lead academic research in diabetes management. 

Aside from my research interests at University X, I am also very interested in volunteering at the student-run clinic. This opportunity to practice patient care is another reason I aspire to attend University X. 

University X is my top-choice medical school. If granted an acceptance letter, I would be honored to join the entering medical school class. I would also be honored to carry out University X’s mission- to serve the needy in a career dedicated to medicine. 

Thank you for considering my application for the incoming medical school class. I look forward to the opportunity to attend University X as a medical student.

When to send an update letter to medical schools

Now that we’ve seen some sample medical school update letters, let’s talk about when you should send one. The answer truly varies based on institution. Some medical schools will ask you not to send any letters unless requested. If the medical school you are waitlisted at did not make this specific request, then sending an update letter shouldn’t hurt. 

Hopefully this article on update letters for medical school was helpful! If you have additional questions, DM us on instagram.

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